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Business Comply is like many small businesses in having to rethink its future, while looking after its existing members. We are asking a few questions about what could help organisations and their people in the future, in the context of a different workplace for many after Covid.

To give context we want to understand:

  • first, how management style may fundamentally change with the workplace.
  • second, how technology may further impact employment in the workplace.

By way of a benefit. For historic reasons we have access to considerable management culture research from the 1990’s, giving a benchmark to look at the predictions made then, and the future trajectory from now, for how management culture might evolve. This should be published in the September.

You can link to the survey questions soon from here.

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Operational and executive level experience of organisation transformation, process and knowledge management in the pubic and private sectors.

Members of UK National Cyber Security Centre – CISP.

Cyber Essentials – is an important independent scheme for demonstrating cyber assurance and business trust, suited to MSME organisations.  Business Comply has committed to, and begun the process of, embedding the new Cyber Essentials assessment scheme ready for participants for 2021.

About Us

2020 saw the Covid crisis and rapid shift to Trusted Colleague services for business turn-round and protection.

The first outcome has been the new CARE programme for corporate’ and their MSME supply chains, built with the Change Corporation in the UK. We can now help MSME themselves through online sessions and discussion groups and cohort on our new platform.

2019 saw us as an independent company to deliver radically different ways of doing things compliance, just for MSME.

In 2018 the first subscribers group worked well in real world situations using our partner’s enterprise platform BusinessOptix.  What followed was a second and parallel  platform that met the simplified needs of delivery to Micro and Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (MSME) users.  With a new vision of how to do it differently with processes and methods to match, we now provide compliance support to MSME.  Our methods draw upon working with major enterprises, meaning the MSME gets the same quality of guidance through a self-help format of delivery.

Business Comply was set up in 2017 with Fusion Experience Limited to address the need for regulatory and contractual compliance services.  Research with Gartner and prospective businesses, it became clear that smaller businesses got a rough deal by having to comply without the resources to do the job.


Across 40 years and hundreds of customers.

Organisation transformation at global scale and smaller.

Deploying Target Operating Models at scale.

Experience of financial sector and banking.

Considerable experience of business process.

International and USA experience.

Substantial experience of ICT related cyber and legal issues.

Extensive legal and operational research into the use of document management systems.

Core Team

Kenneth Tombs – Director bringing corporate and public sector business and technology exploitation experience. Projects such as the transformation of the British Army to a new operational state.

Chris Campbell – Director bringing considerable cyber assurance with related compliance and management experience, across both public and private sectors.

Nigel Temple – Director, is an internationally recognised digital marketing leader. He served for 12 years as a Faculty Member with CIM, the Chartered Institute of Marketing and he founded The Marketing Compass online community.

Norman Lott – Finance Director bringing over 40 years of business finance and operations experience, uniquely for start-ups going on to public listing.

Early Members

Africa Emerges

Gaiasoft International Limited

Visionary Member: Gaiasoft work internationally through agencies such as DfID, UN, World Bank and national Governments to develop strategic planning and assist in performance capability building in country –  Joined 2017 – Cyber, ISMS, ISO27001, GDPR, Contractual.  Assisting governments to perform better for their people.

Bespoke MaltaValetta in the sun

Core Member: Bespoke Malta (London and Malta), provide a wide range of services including property and TV to High Net Worth Individuals around the world – 2018 – GDPR.

Cloud Technology Limited (Republic of Ireland)Dublin

Visionary member: Cloudtech are experts in data preparation, management and formatting for their corporate and charitable customers based in Dublin – 2017 – GDPR, ISO27001.

FusionExperience Limited (London)

Premium member: FusionExperience Limited (London), has over a decade of experience in data analytics and systems building and helped to shape Business Comply – 2017 -ISMS/ISO27001, GDPR.

Crown Commercial Services (UK) for the G-Cloud 11 services framework for compliance related online services – 2018 – Compliance and governance services.

Crown Commercial Services (UK) for the Digital Outcomes and Solutions 4 (DOS4) specialists framework – 2018 – Compliance and governance projects.