C.A.R.E.TM - playbooks and structure to initiate transformation

Business Transformation

People and process combined – CARETM

‘’… we are conducting arguably the largest psychological experiment ever; this will result in a secondary epidemic of burnouts and stress-related absenteeism in the latter half of 2020’’  (World Economic Forum 9th April 2020)

Working with renowned partner, The Change Corporation, we have consolidated our joint capabilities into the CARE-Online platform, recognising many organisations are in crisis keeping their businesses healthy and staff employed. Leadership challenges can be either a loss of revenue or over-trading – both can be just as damaging.

Benefits of the CARE-Online Enterprise programme

  • Integrating operational, emotional, executive, and functional work streams for a joined up approach
  • Off the shelf with ready-to-go planning, fast on-boarding and minimal start up time
  • Providing coaching and mentoring to executives, groups and teams
  • Trusted colleague approach –  decades of executive level experience available
  • Fully-Managed Service available – we support the day-to-day management, keeping leaders free for critical tasks
  • Service delivered using the global leading process platform BusinessOptix
  • Functional elements include ICT, marketing and sales, strategy development and business continuity
  • Multi-lingual for online content

Compliance support continues for smaller businesses

  • Supporting leaders through membership
  • Same Trusted Colleague approach as for Enterprises
  • Self-paced working
  • Uses Zoom group sessions to cover specific topic areas
  • Responses within three UK working days


From leading funding research business, Beauhurst, their April analysis of 24,000 plus tech and start-up businesses showed:

  • Investment capital is on shaky ground, with £18.9bn of equity investment and £3.2bn of public grant funding at moderate to critical risk.
  • 22% of jobs in the high-growth economy are immediately under threat, with 615k startup and scale-up jobs at severe or critical risk. Another 39% are moderately at risk.
  • The UK’s scale-up companies are especially vulnerable, with almost a quarter (22%) already at severe or critical risk and a further 43% at moderate risk.
  • London has the highest proportion of positively impacted businesses, likely due to the large number of tech businesses in the capital.
  • Seed stage companies are the least likely to be negatively affected by corona virus, whilst later stage businesses are most at risk.
  • Tech driven sectors that enable remote working, such as VoIP, EdTech, eHealth and Digital security, have the highest proportion of positively impacted businesses.

The OECD shows the UK will not stabilise for a mix of unique economics factors until beyond 2021.

What is inside CARE?

Our CARE-Online programme will move your organisation forwards with confidence during uncertain times. Each phase offers playbooks, guides, processes and learning, plus online and face-to-face support tools.

CATALYST zone – decide what to focus on:

    • Understand your current situation as a business and for your people
    • Reshape your businesses future and deal with the additional and often contradictory demands
    • Communicating openly and honestly with your people, stakeholders and customers, providing empathy and trust, with support for their varied situations

ADAPT zone – decide how to innovate to stay ahead by:

  • Developing ideas for the organisation to get ahead of competitors
  • Turn innovations into operational outcomes and processes
  • Continuing to build on-line engaging interactions with colleagues

RECOVER zone – decide how to begin returning to the ‘new normal’ by:

  • Creating the brand, culture and target operating model, identifying the skills and behaviours to stay ahead
  • Building these competencies to help engage people back into the workplace, embedding smarter working methods
  • Implement new or revised processes and policies to make recovery happen

EMERGE zone – decide how to:

  • Go-live and measure success using leaner review cycles
  • Ensure that leaders are capable of necessary transformations and building high performing teams

Beyond the negative impact of a traditional economic downturn, Covid-19 presents additional challenges — fear from the virus itself, collective grief, prolonged physical distancing and associated social isolation. In change terms we are dealing with loss and disruption on a massive scale.

Leaders need help to act quickly to ensure future profitability and to recognise the human impact as staff are furloughed, laid off, or working from home often in new and challenging situations.

One thing we do know is that there is no going ‘back to normal’.

As organisation consultants, our team has been using the ‘Change Curve’ to mitigate performance loss and strengthen mindsets during change programmes for many years.