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Digital ‘Twin & Sim’TM – joins the operational dots for people, process and controls

Using a digital representation of your business, all or part of it, means you have clarity of purpose and can test changes before implementation – ‘try before you buy’ – even for an internal project.

You have the vision, you know what needs to be done; Business Compass provides assistance and advice to help make that vision real, test it, and be valuable to your business.

We assist you to make change more than just an idea.  Business Compass will turn your vision into a reality by helping define clear goals, setting milestones, and establishing realistic timelines.

Why bother?

Simply, twining is proven to save Time, reduces Costs and improves Quality overall, plus it protects reputations. You have to make promises to make progress, they need to be kept for success.

Business transformation costs, a resource that most businesses cannot take a risk on wasting, why go it alone when there are robust experiences and content to work with.

How do I start?

You can start with a simple approach focused on process and policy development; possibly move to a Target Operating Model (ToM) for all or part of the business; with ultimately adopting a  Business Architecture Framework (BAF) that represents a whole business from, Governance to process.

Once your approach is baselined, we can provide you with tools, methods, process examples, policies, regulations, survey instruments, mapping, Gap Analysis, dashboards and much more.

Then using the well tried and tested Business Optix organisation management platform, we manage and communicate details of  goals, initiatives and work steams, plus assist your stakeholders and change participants in practical ways to deliver their defined objectives.

How does this work?

It works for you as a member as best suits your purpose.  That could be a few templates for some processes when you need them, through to a Tiger Team that shapes and initiates the journey to wholesale transformation of your organisation – working smarter not harder.

Our Credentials

Our core team and pool of 500 associates have considerable experience with some of the world’s largest transformations and critical operations since the 1990’s. This covers every industry sector, organisation type and leadership level.  This is a world class resource as you need it.

Benefits Of The Digital Twin

  • Integrating operational, emotional, executive, and functional work streams for a most effective change programme.
  • Can ‘Try before you buy’ critical changes you need to make to assure they wont cause operational loss and damage.
  • Off the shelf with ready-to-go planning, fast on-boarding and minimal start up time.
  • Trusted colleague approach –  decades of executive level experience available.
  • We can simulate operations and adaptations with real data to help assure a change is beneficial.
  • Fully-Managed Service available – we support the day-to-day management, keeping leaders free for critical tasks.
  • Tiger-Teams of high impact specialists with considerable experience can shape more challenging or larger scale transformations.
  • Multi-lingual for online content.

Why Digital Twin?

A digital replica of something in the physical world, a policy in practice, business process, compliance regime, data visualisation and real-time simulations, using representative data from the physical world it becomes cost-affordable to experiment and simulate.   What we learn is then applied reducing risk and often improving spend performance:

  • More accurate representations of process or function allow it to be reviewed and managed more effectively – you know where to find something quickly
  • Rapid adaptation of process or function improves operational performance and resilience
  • Identifying gaps and duplication becomes methodical rather than inspirational
  • Policy, governance and playbooks can be provided
  • Data that drives a process or function can be drawn from many sources, amalgamation first is not necessary
  • Simulation allows for What If? scenario and rapid prototyping by non subject experts and managers
  • Role playing of extreme interactions with staff and contractors can aid health and safety, performance and crisis management
  • Universal methodology make for a one-stop integration and management of functions, policy, data and people.

What Is Inside Digital Twin?

Our Twin & SimTM online programmes formalises what everyone knows, we  jhelp to go mining for information and processes.

Then with a process set, Target Operating Model of Business Architecture Framework, experimentation and testing can be done quickly.

Broadly our phases use playbooks, guides, processes and learning, plus online and face-to-face support tools. We have two different approaches determnined by the organisation culture of your business.

Your Digital Twin is represented visually for the Top Team, while reducing complexity to manageable proportions for operational people. This mean they can contribute effectively to making the changes and enjoy doing so.

CURRENT zone- decide what to focus on:

  • Understand your current situation as an operational business and for your people
  • Interacting with your people, stakeholders and customers providing support for their varied situations
  • Reshape your businesses future and deal with the additional and often contradictory demands

TARGET Process zone – evaluate options and innovate for the future state:

  • Developing ideas for the organisation to get ahead of competitors and production
  • Improve people working conditions and terms

ADAPTATION zone – anticipating and reworking for the Target state:

  • Turn innovation into operational outcomes and workable processes
  • Link to and influence brand, culture and target operating model
  • Building competencies and skills to engage people back into the workplace, embedding smarter working methods
  • Implement new or revised processes and policies to assure viability

SIMULATION zone – experiment, prototype and rest:

  • Test and assure changes are viable and sustainable
  • Go-live and measure success using leaner review cycles

ANALYSIS zone – is it fit for purpose:

  • Assure the scope of change is fit for purpose
  • Test and assure changes are viable and sustainable
  • Go-live and measure success using leaner review cycles

OPERATE zone – put into practice:

  • Assure the changes will deliver the benefits
  • Operationalise at an ICT and people
  • Handover and Go-live

Common Challenges

Traditional Business Process Management does not take advantage of how flexible and adaptable leading edge management platforms have become. The cost and effort for a passive documentation manager is a sunk cost compared to having a pro-active knowledge base to guide, test, and inform strategic and operational decisions.

Leaders need help to act quickly to ensure future profitability in new and challenging situations.

The new normal is clear that ‘more of before’ is a high-risk strategy for the coming recession and the next five years.

Digital Twins are not just about IT systems; they have to blend the people dimension and acknowledge the ‘Change Curve’,  to mitigate performance loss and strengthen viability for the decade ahead.

How do we do it?

As a substantial cadre of most experienced professionals and subject experts, as trusted colleagues we bring many decades of executive, assignment and project experience to share. Packaged up experience as short briefings or calls without charge, through more formally scoped briefings, reports and events.

Normally we can answer any question or request in three working days on a simple membership model – no contract – no commitment.

We are providing Expertise as a Service (EaaS).

Some questions we are unable to answer by local law or statute in which case we will let you know as quickly as we can and suggest alternatives.

If you want marketing specific content then please go to our partner service at Marketing Compass.

If you want something with specific relevance to you organisation we provide paid-for briefings, cohorts, or whatever you need, to manage your challenges or assist with personal needs.

What are the costs?

Notes and published briefings are generally free of charge, scoped briefings, specific research, workshops, formal legal advice and similar are charged for by prior arrangement.

Using any of this service is free-of-charge until January 21st 2021.

Benefits of Business Compass?

  • Simple to access.
  • Wide coverage of all business subjects and challenges.
  • Trusted colleague approach –  decades of executive and specialist level experience available.
  • Providing coaching and mentoring.
  • Fully-Managed Service available – we support the day-to-day.

Why must I be a member? 

Sadly the world is full of unscrupulous people so we must be sure of who we are working with.

We ask you to become a member for the following reasons:

  • It allows us to provide information without charge.
  • We can assure what we are saying.
  • Our duty of care is clear.
  • It avoids identity theft.
  • We can hold a profile for your organisation meaning we stay relevant.


We can draft translate content into the following languages where this is helpful : English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italians,  Dutch, Polish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese.

Data location and privacy

All your data is held in the UK, Switzerland or the USA, on our own platforms and libraries.

We wont ever sell, trade or pass-onwards your personal details or any details for your organisation or business.

Some data we may have to keep for seven years or longer for legal or statutory reasons such as taxation or professional indemnity.

You can check our published policy at this location.

Looking for specific marketing, digital marketing, Public Relations and sales capability, then try our associated and most experienced Marketing Compass colleagues.  

Core Team

Kenneth Tombs – Director bringing corporate and public sector business and technology exploitation experience. Projects such as the transformation of the British Army to a new operational state.

Chris Campbell – Director bringing considerable cyber assurance with related compliance and management experience, across both public and private sectors.

Nigel Temple – Director, is an internationally recognised digital marketing leader. He served for 12 years as a Faculty Member with CIM, the Chartered Institute of Marketing and he founded The Marketing Compass online community.

Norman Lott – Finance Director bringing over 40 years of business finance and operations experience, uniquely for start-ups going on to public listing.

Cyber Security

Members of UK National Cyber Security Centre – CISP.


Across 40 years and hundreds of customers.

Organisation transformation at global scale and smaller.

Deploying Target Operating Models at scale.

Experience of financial sector and banking.

Considerable experience of business process.

International and USA experience.

Substantial experience of ICT related cyber and legal issues.

Extensive legal and operational research into the use of document management systems.

Early Members

Africa Emerges

Gaiasoft International Limited

Gaiasoft work internationally through agencies such as DfID, UN, World Bank and national Governments to develop strategic planning and assist in performance capability building in country –  Joined 2017 – Cyber, ISMS, ISO27001, GDPR, Contractual.  Assisting governments to perform better for their people.



Maltix in Malta (London and Malta), provide a wide range of bespoke App building and related information services.


Cloud Technology Limited (Republic of Ireland)Dublin

Visionary member: Cloudtech are experts in data preparation, management and formatting for their corporate and charitable customers based in Dublin – 2017 – GDPR, ISO27001.


FusionExperience Limited (London)

Premium member: FusionExperience Limited (London), has over a decade of experience in data analytics and systems building and helped to shape Business Comply – 2017 -ISMS/ISO27001, GDPR.

Crown Commercial Services (UK) for the G-Cloud 11 services framework for compliance related online services – 2018 – Compliance and governance services.

Crown Commercial Services (UK) for the Digital Outcomes and Solutions 4 (DOS4) specialists framework – 2018 – Compliance and governance projects.