Smaller business? Regulatory compliance headaches?

We are Business Comply

With ever encroaching compliance and contractual commitments including GDPR, ISO27001, credit card, health and safety and more, smaller businesses face many uphill struggles, don’t they?

Corporate contractual conditions impact their suppliers.  Government regulations increasingly are enforced by the back door.  What is the alternative to becoming a paperwork hobbyist – not much until Business Comply.

It is time for something radically different, something just for the smaller business.

Business Comply solves the compliance problem for you.  One less thing to worry about.  One less mountain to climb.

Get advice and documentation to demonstrate business trust to corporates, public sector and consumer customers alike.

Register for a Core:free membership and sort out legal and contractual commitments by adopting policies to assure that trust – all managed ethically.

Founding members range the sole-trader to enterprises and specialists.  All sharing a common need to understand and manage their business environment, with simplified policies to get the job done.

What you get is legally valid with a leading London law firm to advise us when needed.

Simplify ticking the boxes so you can move on to where principles matter more than the paperwork.


Join us for free

SME affordable

Sensible, low cost fees

Key AI features

Let the machine work for you

Strengthen your business

Improve your business standing

Core: free

GDPR or ISO27001 | optional insurance | user support | assistant time available


Multi-topic | optional extras | optional insurance | analyst time | single country


40 hours of analyst time | policy development | optional insurance | multi-country | many extras


Fully featured externally managed compliance service. There is also a white label version.

Participate in this new business:  Open to all businesses around the world, you can register now on our separate members portal to have the bonus of an inclusive membership (its all free as a Core member until then).  A three step process gets you registered on the platform, a profile, and then authorised as a valid business member.

The sale will be managed under FCA rules by Envestors Crowd Funders in London, ready for the year’s end holidays.

Its not just about doing compliance differently, you get to participate in the future of this new and exciting international business, while helping smaller businesses do better.